Hidenori Ihara, 2015

Hidenori Ihara received his Bachelor of Laws from Keio University in Japan in year 2001.  After graduation, he worked with Japan Bank for International Cooperation and Japan International Cooperation Agency. He has engaged in supporting developing countries’ development of infrastructure (such as Mass Rapid Transit, railways, roads and power plants) and the investment environment for more than 13 years, through formulating and managing projects. He has also engaged in a variety of legal issues working with government officials, the private sector and lawyers. This has included negotiation of loan and guarantee agreements, production of bidding documents and contracts for projects with the owners, resolving legal issues deriving from projects (including privatization of state owned companies), and formulating rules and regulations in developing countries.

Hidenori’s experience in confronting various cases of project delays, and of foreign investors’ difficulties in making investments owing to an imperfection of legislation, has convinced him of the strong need for of the creation of a legislative environment in developing countries that accelerates infrastructure and economic developments efficiently so as to achieve sustainable economic growth.

He intends to continue supporting developing countries’ efforts in these regards, especially in assisting developing more appropriate regulatory frameworks. To achieve his goals, he would like to acquire legal knowledge and skills, and to become a legal specialist in the field of developing regulatory frameworks for infrastructure and economic development.

At The Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy, Hidenori is interested in studying Law and Development.


  • English
  • Japenese
  • Indonesian
  • Spanish