J. David Pena-Guzman, 2015

David Pena

J. David Pena G. is a Mexican trained lawyer with over 8 years of criminal litigation experience. He graduated in 2009 from Universidad Panamericana Law School in Guadalajara, Mexico; his thesis is titled “The Right to Consular Aid in a Mexican Criminal Procedure through the scope of the Genuine Link theory

While still in law school David enhanced his education by doing fieldwork in criminal litigation at a prestigious law firm in Guadalajara. He rose through the ranks of the Firm while continuing to pursue his studies. Afterwards, David worked and directed boutique law Firms specializing in white-collar criminal litigation where he handled complex constitutional trials, international aspects of domestic cases as well as domestic criminal litigation for international and local clients.

Before joining Fletcher David interned at the Standby defense team of Dr. Radovan Karadzic at the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia (ICTY) in The Hague where he focused in key aspects of International Criminal and Humanitarian Law.

Besides the Law, David is passionate about martial arts and has practiced Muay Thai for over nine years; he has served as a volunteer trainer for several young fighters in Guadalajara. He is a cooking enthusiast and enjoys listening to Jazz.

At Fletcher, David is interested in international criminal law, public international law, conflict resolution and negotiations skills.


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