Moisés A. Montiel M., 2015

Moises Montiel

Moisés Montiel has been a lawyer since 2011 when he obtained his degree in Law from Universidad Central de Venezuela (UCV). Then, he proceeded to undertake two graduate programs (Specialist Degrees) simultaneously, also at UCV: Human Rights and International Law and Politics. Having passed all the courses, he is currently writing dissertations both on the Responsibility to Protect and its legal character under the Public International Law’s sources system and the feasibility of its acceptance as part of the UNSC repertoire, respectively.

While pursuing his undergraduate studies, he interned for a local private law firm, being in charge of conducting legal research and pro bono consulting in bankruptcy and administrative law. Moisés also obtained awarded participations in international Model UN competitions such as WorldMUN and NMUN, and then he helped coach university and high school delegations for Model UN competitions. In this context, he took part in his university’s MUN Club initiative to promote pacific dispute settlement in violence-stricken communities in his hometown.

Upon graduation, he worked in anti-corruption advocacy and advisory matters for Transparencia Venezuela’s Advocacy and Legal Advise Center (the local chapter of Transparency International). Later on, he began working for the political section in the Turkish Embassy in Caracas. His responsibilities included analyzing political developments in Venezuela, and providing legal counsel on matters of diplomatic law.

As a graduate student at UCV, Moisés served as teaching assistant for undergraduate classes in International Public Law. He has also authored several papers on different subjects of international law, published in both local and international journals. At The Fletcher School, he is interested in continuing the study of Public International Law and its relation to International Relations, as well as Human Rights, with the aim to pursue an academic career later on.


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