Devika Kamp, 2013

Devika Kamp graduated from Leiden University, the Netherlands, with a LLM in Public International Law.  Before, she obtained a Bachelor degree in Law from the University of Utrecht.  During her studies, she continuously focused on international law and human rights.  She also gained practical experience in the field of human rights through various internships in different parts of the world.  Devika volunteered for the NGO Los Ninos in Guatemala, and worked for Amnesty International in San Francisco and the International Bill of Rights Project in Berkeley.  After graduating from Leiden, Devika interned for the largest criminal defense firm in the Netherlands.  Next, she spent a few months working for a civil rights firm in San Francisco, before going to Phnom Penh to join the Nuon Chea defense team at the Extraordinary Chambers in the Courts of Cambodia.

At Fletcher, Devika wants to specialize further in international human rights law, humanitarian law and criminal law.  Afterwards, she hopes to start her training as a lawyer in her home country, the Netherlands.  Her professional goal is to become a human rights lawyer.  


  • English
  • Dutch
  • French