Alumni 08-09

2008-2009 LL.M. Student Profiles and Statistics

Members of the Class of 2009 in Talloires, France

The students who constitute the LL.M. class at the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy are spirited and driven, possess impressive academic credentials, diverse life and work experience, and exhibit a deep engagement with international law. They enrich, and are enriched by, the Fletcher School.

Number of enrolled students: 16

Average age: 31 (range from 22 to 46)

Gender: 56% female; 44% male

Nationality: 75% international; 25% U.S.

Countries of nationality represented: Argentina; Belgium; Brazil; Denmark; Japan; Kenya; Netherlands; Rwanda; Saudi Arabia; South Korea; Spain; United States

Languages spoken: Arabic; Chinese; Danish; English; Flemish; French; German; Italian; Korean; Japanese; Portuguese; Spanish; Kiluyha; Kinyarwanda; Swahili; Lingala


Languages spoken: Arabic; English

In 2004, Meerah Al Kaabi was one of the first fifteen women in Saudi Arabia to earn a bachelor of law degree. Because no Saudi law schools admitted women, she studied at the University of Sharjah, College of Law, in the United Arab Emirates. Meerah is a member of the Arab Women's Legal Network and the Arab Society for Intellectual Property in Munich. Meerah has a long list of publications, including two books of short stories and articles and a weekly column in Alwatan, a widely-read Saudi newspaper. She is a strong advocate for women’s rights to participate in the legal system in Saudi Arabia, and her fields of interest include intellectual property, human rights and peace operations in the Middle East. She aspires to become the first female Saudi ambassador.

Ms. Al Kaabi is currently enrolled in the LL.M. program at Georgetown Law School.


Languages spoken: English; Spanish

Christopher Boundy grew up in Westminster, Maryland. He attended the University of Maryland, College Park and received his degree in Philosophy in 2000. He graduated from Boston University School of Law in 2004. His work experience includes time in the public sector, at the Massachusetts State House and Supreme Judicial Court; the private sector, in major law firms in New York and Boston, including Foley Hoag LLP; and the nonprofit sector, in a small Boston nonprofit and as a community organizer. As an attorney, Chris has worked on international law issues both in his private practice and in his pro bono work, where he spent considerable time working in the field of immigration law.


Languages spoken: English; Spanish

Albéniz Couret-Fuentes received his Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Puerto Rico, magna cum laude, and his J.D. from the Inter American University of Puerto Rico. After graduating from law school, he served as a law clerk in the Chambers of the Hon. Dolorez Rodríguez de Oronoz, Chief Judge of the Puerto Rico Court of Appeals, from 2004-2007. In May 2008 he obtained an LL.M. from Boston College Law School, and has published two articles in Puerto Rican law reviews. Upon completing his degree from the Fletcher School he plans to practice law in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

Mr. Couret-Fuentes is an attorney in private practice in San Juan, Puerto Rico.


Languages spoken: English; Portuguese; Spanish

Maria del Rosario de la Fuente is an Assistant Professor of Public International Law at the School of Law, Universidad Católica Argentina (UCA), in Buenos Aires. She is a Fulbright recipient in the LL.M. program at the Fletcher School of International Law and Diplomacy. Maria holds her First Degree in Law from UCA School of Law. From 2006-2008, she has been a UCA grant-recipient in the Doctor of Juridical Science (J.S.D.) Program and is currently in the second year of the program. She is a member of the Institute for International Law at the Argentine Council for International Relations (CARI) and the Center for International Studies (CEI) at UCA. She has served at the High Court of Justice of the City of Buenos Aires; the Argentine Ministry of Foreign Affairs, International Commerce and Worship; and the National Court of First Instance on Commercial Law. She has had several articles published in Argentina and in Spain.


Languages spoken: English; Flemish; French

“My legal studies at the Facultés Universitaires Saint-Louis (Brussels) and Université Catholique de Louvain gave me the opportunity to develop a particular interest in the protection of collective and individual human rights as well as the solving of conflicts arising because of religious, ethnic, linguistic or other similar patterns, both from an institutional perspective. After I received my law degree, I chose to enter the business law firm Liedekerke Wolters Waelbroeck Kirkpatrick in Brussels. As an associate in the public law department, my intervention in proceedings before the Belgian Administrative Supreme Court and the Belgian Constitutional Court allowed me to participate in legal debates involving questions pertaining to fundamental rights. As it is my hope to work in the field of human rights and conflict resolution, studying at Fletcher is certainly a tremendous springboard!”

Mr. Fierens Gevaert is currently an Attaché for Human Rights attached to the Permanent Mission of Belgium to the United Nations, where he focuses mainly on civil and political rights as well as on the follow-up to the Durban Conference.


Languages spoken: English; French; Kinyarwanda; Swahali; Lingala

Born in Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Mr. Karuretwa holds a bachelor of laws degree from the National University of Rwanda. He is an army officer in the Rwanda Defense Forces and a Presidential Protection Officer. “When I got an opportunity to go back to my studies I tried to find a program that would offer the possibility of establishing a connection between Law studies and my professional experience (Defense and Security) while keeping open the possibility of exploring other interesting fields. I couldn’t have found a better place than Fletcher. The flexible curriculum perfectly combines the pragmatism of a professional degree with the intellectual rigor of an academic program. While the outstanding quality of the teaching and administrative staff largely justifies the top reputation of the School, it is also characterized by an amazing students-faculty synergy and sense of community.”

He remains at Fletcher, completing a MALD degree, as the first joint LLM/MALD degree candidate.


Languages spoken: English; Korean; Japanese

“I worked at Kim & Chang, a law firm in South Korea, as a patent attorney for about seven years, where I represented appeals to the Intellectual Property Tribunal, Patent Court, and Korean Supreme Court. I have a bachelor’s degree and master’s degree in microbiology from the Seoul University, College of Natural Sciences. Before joining Kim & Chang, I worked as a researcher at a Korean pharmaceutical company. My major academic interests are business regulation and decision-making in international settings, the role of intellectual property rights in economic growth, and the relationship between ethics, patents, and biotechnology. I now live in Cambridge with my husband, who is a biochemist and works as a researcher at MIT.”

Ms. Kim is a practicing attorney in the field of patent law in South Korea.


Languages spoken: Brazilian Portuguese; English; Spanish

Elizabeth Ludwin King spent the past three years as the Assistant Director of Boston College's Center for Human Rights and International justice. In addition to her work at the Center, she has worked for the Inter-American Court of Human Rights in Costa Rica, Human Rights Watch/Americas, and she has done field work on domestic violence in Tanzania. Ms. King has counseled the government of Afghanistan on several issues, including its responsibilities with regards to the International Criminal Court. She has also assisted the American Bar Association in its efforts to monitor the implementation of its detention standards for immigration detainees. Her current research interests include the relationship between sovereignty and global justice, specifically with regards to international criminal tribunals and post-conflict reconstruction. Elizabeth graduated from Duke University with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Comparative Area Studies and Spanish/Latin American Studies, and holds a J.D. degree from Georgetown University Law Center.

Ms. King is currently a visiting researcher at the University of Buenos Aires and a visiting professor at the University of Palermo (Buenos Aires), and serves as a consultant to the International Center for Transitional Justice.


Languages spoken: Dutch; English; Flemish; French; German; Spanish

“I have dual nationality from Belgium and the Netherlands but I grew up in Zaïre, Rwanda, Djibouti and the Ivory Coast. I attended Belgian Flemish-speaking schools and schools in France, and returned to Belgium to attend university. I pursued my Law degree in both French-speaking and Flemish-speaking universities, and spent the last year of my Law studies in Madrid as part of the European Union student exchange program. I graduated in June 2008. During my studies, I became a member and eventually president of a student organization whose members are from both the Northern and Southern parts of Belgium and attend different universities. This organization is a place where both communities can meet and discuss political, economic and sociological problems, and organizes international field trips (I participated to the Trips in Turkey, Chile and Russia). I came to Fletcher to continue my education in an international context, and to benefit from the enriching exchanges between communities and cultures, on a national and global scale.”

She is a practicing attorney with Allen & Overy in Brussels.


Languages spoken: Brazilian Portuguese; English; German; Italian; Spanish

“A citizen of both Brazil and Italy, I studied law at the Pontifical Catholic University of São Paulo (PUC/SP) in Brazil and am a fully-qualified lawyer in that country. Apart from the LL.B, I had an opportunity to specialize in International Business and Academic English in Cambridge, UK. During the last academic year, I attended a Master in Finance at the Institute for Law and Finance (ILF) in Frankfurt am Main, Germany. I speak fluent Portuguese, very good Spanish and English, fair Italian and have some knowledge in German. In terms of professional experience, I have worked as Law Clerk, Lawyer and Legal Advisor, practicing in law firms in Brazil (Mundie e Advogados) and Germany (Linklaters LLP), a prominent Brazilian Bank (Unibanco S.A) and Price Waterhouse and Coopers (PwC). My fields of interests are project finance, corporate finance, business strategy, international trade, negotiation and, mainly, international commercial arbitration in relation to investment and trade.”

Mr. Lima has recently obtained a position as consultant to the Inter-American Development Bank (IADB) in Washington, D.C.


Languages spoken: Danish; English; French; Italian; German

“I graduated with an LL.M from the University of Aarhus, Denmark, in 1997, focusing my thesis research on human rights and family reunification of unaccompanied refugee children. From 1997-2000 I lived in Nuuk, Greenland, working with international aspects of fisheries management for Greenland Home Rule and gaining first-hand knowledge of a young democracy on its way to self-determination. From 2000-2002 I worked in the Danish Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Fisheries in Copenhagen, as legal advisor on export refunds on agricultural products. For the past six years I have worked as a legal advisor in the European Commission’s Directorate-General for Maritime Affairs and Fisheries in Brussels, Belgium, being involved in policy making and international negotiations.”

Ms. Nielsen recently accepted a position as International Relations Officer for the European Commission in Brussels.


Languages spoken: English; French; Japanese

“I received my LL.B. from Chuo University in Tokyo, and a master’s degree in international business law from Yokohama National University. In 2002 I was admitted to the national public service community in Japan after passing the recruitment examination in law. I worked for the Japanese Ministry of Finance, where my primary task was to deal with domestic legal arrangements required to implement trade agreements for customs purposes. My job was primarily concerned with domestic enforcement of internationally-binding rules in the areas of excise tax and customs duties. From 2004-2005 I worked on effectuating the first full-scale trade agreement between Japan and Mexico, the ‘Japan-Mexico Economic Partnership Agreement’. From 2005 onwards I worked in the Narita airport customs office, engaging in inspection, investigation, and imposition of tax and duty collection. In 2008 I obtained an LL.M. degree from Georgetown University Law Center.”

Mr. Okazaki is employed at the Japanese Ministry of Finance.


Languages spoken: English; French; Italian

“I attended Cornell Law School and received my J.D. with a specialization in International Legal Affairs in 1999 and served as the Lead Symposium Editor of the Cornell International Law Journal. I was a senior associate at Goulston & Storrs in Boston, focusing on both international and domestic corporate finance including cash flow and asset-based lending in various industry sectors, as well as debt and equity restructuring. I am admitted to the New York, Massachusetts, and Connecticut bars. I have also volunteered as a student teacher in the Citizen Schools/Discovering Justice program, a non-profit program designed to bring after-school experiential learning to underserved communities. At Fletcher, I am interested in studying the rule of law in post-conflict societies and conflict resolution.”


Languages spoken: Arabic; English; French; German; Spanish

“I came to Fletcher in September 2007 to do a MA program in International Affairs to enhance my knowledge of international law and international relations. I thoroughly enjoyed it, and was therefore thrilled when I learned that Fletcher's new LL.M. program offered an opportunity to continue studying international law at this wonderful institution for one more year! Before Fletcher, I studied Philosophy and Political Science in Munich and then worked with Amnesty International in London. From there I moved to Jerusalem where I spent almost a decade working with local NGOs, United Nations agencies and the European Commission on issues related to human rights, international humanitarian law and humanitarian action in the occupied Palestinian territory. In my last position, I worked as a Human Rights Officer with the World Health Organization's office for the West Bank and Gaza.”

Ms. Soler is currently completing her LL.M. thesis research, having recently defended her M.A. thesis.


Languages spoken: Chinese; English; Japanese

“After graduating from the University of Tokyo, passing the Japanese bar exam and being admitted to practice before the courts in Japan, I served as a public prosecutor for three years engaged in the prosecution of felonies and organized crime. Since 2007 I have been employed as an attorney in the Criminal Bureau of Japan's Ministry of Justice on extradition issues and mutual cooperation with other countries' justice departments on issues related to drug smuggling, trafficking and terrorism. I received an LL.M. from the University of Virginia Law School, and entered the Fletcher School to enhance my perspective and expertise in international criminal law and human rights law.”

Mr. Tanaka is employed at the Ministry of Justice in Japan.


Languages spoken: English; French; Kiluyha; Kiswahili

“I am a Kenyan citizen, and studied law at the University of Nairobi from where I graduated in 2005. I was admitted as an Advocate of the High Court of Kenya upon completion of my post-graduate diploma in law from the Kenya School of Law. I am also an Associate Member of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators (Kenya and United Kingdom Branches). Before joining Fletcher’s LL.M. class, I was working as an Advocate in a private practice law firm in Nairobi. It is my intention to participate in the formulation of policy as well as to practice in the area of international economic law. I have every expectation that Fletcher will assist me in achieving these goals.”

Ms. Wakoli is interning at the World Trade Organization in Geneva.