History of financial turbulence and crises

This course uses the analytical tools of economic history, the history of economic policy-making and the history of economic thought, to study episodes of financial turbulence and crisis spanning the last three centuries. It explores the principal causes of a variety of different manias, panics and crises, as well as their consequences, and focuses on the reactions of economic actors, theorists and policy-makers in each case. Emphasis is placed on the theoretical framework used by contemporary economists to conceptualize each crisis, as well as the changes in theoretical perspective and/or policy framework that may have been precipitated by the experience of the crises themselves. 


South-Eastern Europe in the world economy

This course analyzes the transition of the economies of South-eastern Europe from the 19th to the 21st century. It focuses on their long-term record of structural change and economic growth, in a comparative perspective, and places the role of economic/development policies and economic ideas at the centre of the analysis. The course explores the economic history of the region and tries to analyse contemporary issues and challenges by drawing from historical experience. Questions of regional cooperation and/or conflict are also addressed, not least in relation to recent efforts to extend NATO and European Union membership to all South Eastern European countries.


  • Spring 2011 - DHP P285: South-Eastern Europe in the World Economy, Michalis Psalidopoulos
  • Fall 2010 - EIB E270: History of Financial Turbulence and Crises, Michalis Psalidopoulos
  • Spring 2010 - DHP P218: Religion and Nationalism, G. Mavrogordatos
  • Fall 2009 - DHP P213: Charismatic Leadership and International Relations, G. Mavrogordatos
  • Spring 2009 - DHP P285: The Geopolitics of the Wider South Eastern Europe and Black Sea Region Alexandros Yannis
  • Fall 2008 - DHP P281: European Union Foreign Policy: Theory and Practice, Alexandros Yannis
  • Spring 2008 - DHP D283: The USA, Turkey, and Greece: Past, Present, and Future, Kostas Lavdas
  • Fall 2007 - DHP P283: Europeanization and the Domestic Impact of Europea Integration, Kostas Lavdas - DHP P284 State, Nationalism and Ideology: The Case of Southern Europe, Kostas Lavdas
  • Fall 2006 - DHP P286m: Political Violence and Ethnicity (1/2 cr), Dimitris Keridis
    - DHP P212: Democracy, Democratization and Nation-Building, Dimitris Keridis
  • Spring 2006 - DHP P212m Democracy and Democratization (1/2 cr), Dimitris Keridis
    - DHP P287m European Security: History, Politics and Institutions (1/2 cr), Dimitris Keridis
  • Fall 2005 - DHP P285: Greek-Turkish Relations in the Era of Globalization:  From Rivalry to Partnership?, Dimitris Keridis
    - DHP P286: War and the Politics of Ethnicity and Democracy: The Case of Southeastern Europe, Dimitris Keridis
  • Spring 2005 - DHP P282: The Return of Diasporas: Ethno-national networks, multi-cultural societies and global threats, George Prevelakis
  • Fall 2004 - DHP P283: European Enlargement Geoplitics: Greece, Turkey, Cyprus andthe Balkins, George Prevelakis
  • Spring 2004 - DHP P284: Modern Greece: Europeanization’s Geopolitical Miracle or Eastern Question’s Lesser Evil?, George Prevelakis                                                                              
    - DHP P289 France: The Focus of European Uncertainties, George Prevelakis
  • Fall 2003 - DHP P287: Balkan Geopolitics, George Prevelakis  
  • Spring 2003 - None at Fletcher
  • Fall 2002 - DHP P285 Southeastern Europe in Perspective, Thanos Veremis          
    - DHP P288: Greece and its Neighbors, Thanos Veremis
  • Spring 2002 - DHP P286: The Foreign Policies of the European Union’s Mediterranean States, Thanos Veremis
  • Fall 2001 - DHP P285: Southeastern Europe in Perspective, Thanos Veremis                            
    - DHP P288 Greece and its Neighbors, Thanos Veremis