The Ideas Industry

The Ideas Industry

The Fletcher School is pleased to present a series of conferences examining the "Ideas Industry." Created and hosted by Professor of International Politics Daniel Drezner, this four-part series has explored ´╗┐the marketplace of the academy in "Is the Academy Needed or Wanted?," "Thinking About Think Tanks," and “Foreign Policy Ideas on the Campaign Hustings.”

Explore part four (and the final installation) in the series:

The Private Sector for Public Ideas, October 7, 2016

While think tanks and the academy have long tried to influence American foreign policy through their intellectual efforts, the private sector was commonly assumed to do so through interest group lobbying rather than thought leadership. This assumption is clearly open to question, however. A welter of private-sector entities have engaged in thought leadership as a way of influencing the marketplace of ideas. At the same time, questions have been raised about the power and purpose of these for-profit actors. How are corporate think tanks different from nonprofit think tanks? Do management consultants or geopolitical risk analysts think about world politics differently? Has the marketplace of ideas changed in the 21st century?

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