Ph.D Research

Current Ph.D. Students (as of May, 2014):

Chankin-Gould, Sarah Beila 
Title of Thesis:  "Targeting Armed Violence: Implications of Localized Efforts to Reduce and Mitigate Small Arms Proliferation and Misuse." 

Chindea, Irina 
Title of Thesis:  "An International Relations Theory Approach to Criminal Groups Cooperation."

Hartnett, Michael
Title of Thesis:  "Mobile Telephony Networks and the Democratization of Security in the 21st Century." 

Herbert, Matthew
Title of Thesis:  "The Curse of Geography: The Impact of Cocaine Trafficking on Collective and Political Violence." 

Kenney, Nicholas
Title of Thesis:  "Networks of Rebellion: Nationalist Elites in the British Empire."

Knoll, David
Title of Thesis:  "21st Century Diffusion Patterns: How the Internet Impacts Military Innovation Diffusion Amongst Non-State Armed Groups."

Kosinski, Leonard
Title of Thesis:  "Going Multinational in Defense: A Theory of Integration and Knowledge in Military Strategic Alliances."

Minott, Nichola
Title of Thesis:  "Assessing the Impact of Sudden and Severe Environmental Events on the Dynamics of Ongoing Civil Conflicts: The Case of the 2004 Tsunami on Indonesia and Sri Lanka."

Rasmussen, Ivan
Title of Thesis:  "Rational Nationalism on the Rise: Chinese Public Opinion and Foreign Relations." 

Thurber, Richard
Title of Thesis:  "Strategies of Violence and Nonviolence in Revolutionary Movements."

Travayiakis, Marina 
Title of Thesis:  "Discourse Matters: The Impact of Civil-Military Relations on the Post-Conflict Planning Process."

Tsukamoto, Katsuya
Title of Thesis:  "Japan's 'Carrier Revolution' in the Interwar Period."

Wagner, Michael
Title of Thesis:  "Forged under Fire: Sources of Organizational Change in the Armies of Britain and America during the Iraq War."

Wallsh, David
Title of Thesis:  "Switching Sides: Foreign Policy Realignment in Egypt and Syria."