Turkey's Turn? April 10-11, 2014 The Fletcher School

Taylan Coban, MIB 2015, Turkey

Taylan Coban, MIB 2015, Turkey

As a Turkish student studying in the US, what do you want the international community to most understand about Turkey?

Turkey is one of the most important emerging powers in the world. Fueling this emergence is an increase in the quality of the country’s human capital, which runs alongside her economic performance and plays a significant role in the international forum. Turkey does not only export goods and services to the world, but also this intellectual capital. The number of Turkish students in the US is on a steady incline – now sitting among the Top 10 of international student enrollment – while at the same time the number of international students attending Turkish universities has seen a similar increase, more than doubling in the past decade. According to OECD records, international publication of Turkish academics has increased substantially as well. Growing involvement in the international conversation and steadily improving quality of education for Turkish youth makes me look to the future with great confidence. The human capital of Turkey assures a brighter future with continued growth in every aspect of development.

What do you hope to learn by participating in Fletcher’s Turkey's Turn Conference?

I am eager to hear the opinions of various experts as well as my fellow Fletcher students. I believe this conference will be unique in its balance of insider and outsider views during such critical moments of Turkish political and social life. Speakers and participants will dig deeper than the current media coverage of Turkey and provide true depth of context. As a Turkish citizen, I am eager to learn the thoughts, expectations and projections of foreign experts in regards to contemporary Turkey, since international perception is equally as important as the facts.

How do you plan to put your Fletcher education to use when you graduate?

In my first year, Fletcher has already made an indelible mark on me through my Masters of International Business degree nested in a diverse and international environment of the school itself. As a civil servant, my first priority is to contribute to the development of Turkish society and the Turkish economy in particular. Fletcher has exposed me to new opportunities and methods of doing business in the international sphere that can help me move those aims forward. I look forward to contributing to Turkish business by expanding into existing markets and/or penetrating new ones. Lastly, I am beginning to tap into the strong interdisciplinary international network Fletcher is known for; it is one of the most valuable assets, both professionally and personally, that I plan to contribute to.


  • Turkish
  • English

Fields of Study

  • Development Economics
  • International Business Relations

Activities involved in at Fletcher

  • Diplomacy Club

Education before Fletcher

  • MA, International Relations, Koc University
  • BA, International Relations, Ankara University

Experience before Fletcher

  • Koc University, Research and Teaching Assistant - Istanbul, Turkey
  • Ministry of Economy, Foreign Trade Expert - Turkey

Why Turkey Now?

Dean James Stavridis

"The key question is not whether Turkey will play a global role, but rather what is the Turkish role globally."

Admiral James Stavridis, USN
Dean, The Fletcher School, Tufts University
Former Supreme Allied Commander, NATO