The Inclusive City, 2nd Annual Fletcher-MasterCard Inclusion Forum, May 1-2, 2014

Elias Schulze

Elias Schulze, Africa CEO, Kaymu

Elias Schulze serves as the Africa CEO for Kaymu, an online marketplace with operations across 15 African countries and aggressive ongoing expansion. Kaymu is part of Africa Internet Holding (AIH), a joint-venture between Rocket Internet, MTN, and Tigo Millicom. Prior to joining Kaymu, Elias worked as an Engagement Manager for McKinsey & Company where he was based in Nigeria and worked throughout Africa. Elias previously worked at Emerging Capital Partners (ECP), an Africa-focused private equity firm. He is also co-founder of The Africa Group, an advisory and venture capital firm, which has recently finalized an investment agreement with an m-health startup in Ethiopia. Elias earned a BS and a MS from the Georgetown University School of Foreign Service.