The Inclusive City, 2nd Annual Fletcher-MasterCard Inclusion Forum, May 1-2, 2014

Beth Chitekwe-Biti

Beth Chitekwe-Biti, Founding Executive Director, Dialogue on Shelter

Beth Chitekwe-Biti is the. Founding Executive Director of Dialogue on Shelter, a Zimbabwean NGO working in a unique alliance with the Zimbabwe Homeless People’s Federation a movement organised in urban poor neighbourhoods to push for secure tenure and inclusive human settlements. The two organisations are affiliated to the global movement of slum dwellers Slum Dwellers International. Beth holds a planning degree from the University of Zimbabwe and recently completed a PhD at the University of Manchester UK. Beth has a keen interest in how academic institutions can co-create knowledge with communities of the urban poor and currently is supporting an initiative with the University of Zimbabwe's planning school to develop learning studios in informal settlement upgrading. She has published a number of journal articles reflecting on the work of Dialogue on Shelter with the Zimbabwe Homeless People's Federation and has co-authored a chapter with Sheela Patel and Diana Mitlin in a forth coming book to be published by Eathscan on The transnational experience of community-led development: the affordable shelter challenge. In Housing and the Urban Poor – stakeholders, planning, sustainability Jan Breden