Innovation and Change

Housed within The Fletcher School’s Institute for Business in the Global Context (IBGC), the Innovation and Change initiative brings a multi-disciplinary approach to identifying trends and patterns of change, and measuring and tracking the facilitators and inhibitors that drive innovation globally.

Innovation drives change just as change drives innovation. IBGC works with individuals, businesses, and governments to recognize these patterns as they evolve, as well as to understand the global context that can serve either to accelerate or undermine the evolution of these trends.

The Innovation and Change initiative is the hub for academic research programs that provide pragmatic, actionable tools and frameworks for decision makers in the private, public and nonprofit sectors. From time to time, we bring together thought leaders from academia, business, and government to help define the problems and shape our research platforms to ensure that the outputs are practical and relevant.

Planet-Ebiz, one of our first research programs under the Innovation and Change umbrella, focuses on assessing the quality of countries’ digital ecosystems, and the readiness of their populations, in order to provide actionable insights into the digital future of the world

The big questions being addressed by the initiative:

How developed is global ICT, financial, and fulfillment infrastructure?

How digitally savvy are consumers?

How well are governments facilitating the creation and furtherance of digital ecosystems within their countries?

Which countries are driving innovation in the digital sphere?

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