The Digital Planet

Digital Planet is an interdisciplinary research initiative of The Fletcher School's Institute for Business in the Global Context. Dedicated to understanding the impact of digital innovation on the world, Digital Planet provides actionable insights for policymakers, businesses, investors, and innovators.

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Our latest research, the Digital Planet 2017 report is a data-led evaluation of digital development across 60 countries rooted in four key drivers: Supply Conditions; Demand Conditions; Institutional Environment; and Innovation and Change. 170 indicators across these drivers are applied to create a robust framework for understanding digital evolution, providing each country with a DEI score.

This framework is combined with insights from academics and experts at Fletcher and input from business leaders driving digital change across the globe. Together, they help to paint a picture not just of what the digital landscape looks like today, but also how it stands to change in the future. The framework also provides policymakers and business leaders across countries with an understanding of how they can accelerate digital evolution locally to achieve a greater global impact.

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