Inclusive Growth

The Inclusive Growth Initiative is a multi-disciplinary practitioner-focused program, housed within The Fletcher School’s Institute for Business in the Global Context (IBGC).  This Initiative provides decision makers in the private, public and nonprofit sectors with the evidence, analysis, training and tools needed to make better-informed policies which promote shared, equitable growth. Through original research, tailored training programs and events, the Initiative explores the nature of economic development through the lens of inclusion and aim to re-define how business, governments and non-governmental actors can collaborate to create sustained and broad-based prosperity.

Major activity streams within the Inclusive Growth Initiative include:

  • The Cost of Cash Study: The Cost of Cash is an international series of studies on the "cost of cash" around the world: including the United States, Egypt, India, and Mexico. Looking at patterns of use on a total cost-of-ownership basis, the study yields new insights on its use, the reasons to consider cash versus alternative payment systems, and the impact of cash use on different participants, consumers, merchants and society.
  • The Fletcher Leadership Program for Financial Inclusion: An innovative training initiative for banking regulators and policymakers from emerging and frontier markets to promote and further develop their work on policy and regulation in financial services for the poor.  Good policy can stimulate innovation and competition, leading to opportunities for business investments and consumer welfare, including greater access to savings and other formal financial services.
  • Sustainable and Inclusive Business Activities: Unlike vague notions of good citizenship or Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), Sustainable and Inclusive Business Activities (SIBA) harness the power of business to address contextual gaps and inefficiencies as a natural extension of core business and maintain long-term growth -- creating stronger communities and future customers in the process. Through research into the barriers and the incentives to SIBA, the Institute hopes to provide insight and leadership into how business can begin to move the needle when it comes to inclusive business.
  • The Fletcher Inclusion Forum: Each year, a broad group of academics, students, public and private practitioners and investors, and central bankers convene to assess whether the gains made in accessing previously unbanked customers is accomplishing its desired impact of poverty eradication and increased wellbeing. This year’s Forum, “Inclusion, Inc." will draw upon IBGC’s ongoing research in Sustainable and Inclusive Business Activities (SIBA) focusing on key barriers and common issues to inclusive business at scale in emerging and developed markets.
  • Custom Research: The Inclusive Growth program also supports customized research initiatives, with particular focus on Inclusive Business, commercial microfinance, savings-led financial services, regulatory policy, alternative payment systems, and social enterprise.