Custom Research

IBGC offers custom research projects for corporations, governments, and NGOs. Tailored to your specifications and executed under the guidance of expert Fletcher faculty, fellows, staff and graduate students, these projects provide your organization with Fletcher’s unique multidisciplinary perspective.

Past project examples include:

  • Water Policy Considerations Impacting Technology Development and Application 
    In collaboration with the Tufts University School of Engineering and the Water: Systems, Science and Society interdisciplinary degree program, IBGC executed a white paper for a major international oil & gas company that explored the value of water in different cultural contexts. This aided in the development of a systematic framework utilized to assess the primary technology drivers in a specific locale, to promote reliable, relevant and readily actionable approaches to water use by the company in its operations.
  • Food-Fuel Price Dynamics: Developing a Framework for Strategic Investments
    Jointly produced with Oliver Wyman’s Corporate Risk practice, this report investigates potential causes for the changing relationships among commodity group prices driven (or perceived to be driven) by the emergence of biofuels. Based on a rigorous data analysis and interviews with key industry practitioners, the report aims to develop a thorough understanding of commodities pricing, with the goal of enabling companies with different positions along the value chain to develop perspectives on how to manage risks or take advantage of this dynamic environment.
  • Fletcher School Field Studies in Global Consulting Course 
    The Fletcher School, as part of its business curriculum, offers a course in Field Studies in Global Consulting. Projects span topics from global strategy to specific product launch and market entry, are conducted over the course of a single semester, and include topics of relevance to emerging and frontier market operations. Course “clients” are drawn from major multinational corporations, law firm, consulting practices, international NGOs, foundations, and government agencies.
For more information, contact us at ibgc@tufts.edu.