Student Publications Archive

The following publications are student-produced, and research was conducted with the assistance of funding from IBGC. Views contained in these publications are those of the authors.

Innovation & Competitiveness in Urban Slums: Case Study of Lima’s Successful Economic Transformation Through Property Rights Reforms (May 2012)
Gaurav Tiwari, MALD 2012

Mining and Sustainability (Submitted to the Schulich International Case Competition, 2011)
June Fonseca, Jose Jorge Sanz Gonzalez, Sadruddin Salman, Beth Treseder

Safaricom: Managing Risk in a Frontier Capital Market—Case and Case Note (November 2010) 
Kurt Eilhardt, MALD 2009

Masawa: Kicking Poverty in the Apps (August 2010)
Joshua Haynes, MIB 2010 and Julie Zollman, MALD 2010

The Coming Specialty Coffee Supply Crisis: How Re-Incentivizing the Value Chain Can Help Mitigate the Threat (August 2010)
Hayden Kwast, MIB 2010

The Savings Gap: How Understanding the Financial Behaviors of Two Nicaraguan Villages Can Improve Microfinance (April 2010)
Tara Leung, MALD 2010

Microfinance in Bangladesh: A Growing Concern About Overlapping Loan Problems—From a Field Visit to Rajshahi and Comilla (April 2010)
Yasuhiko Yuge, MALD 2010

Waiting for Rain, Reaching for Mangoes: The Origins, Evolution, and Roles of Savings Groups in Rural Swaziland (March 2010)
Julie Zollman, MALD 2010

Two Years Later: ADOPEM Bank and its Strategy to Promote Savings (March 2010)
Suzanne Andrews, MALD 2011

Chai Wa Paisa: Savings Associations in Afghanistan (March 2010)
Qiamuddin Amiry, MALD 2011

The Good, the Bad, and the Unknown: How Climate Change is Shaping Greenland’s Nation Branding Strategy (March 2010)
Andreea Zugravu, MALD 2011

Tufts Consulting Group: Macedonian Energy Market (February 2010)
Conor Branch, Daniel Resnick, and Andreea Zugravu, MALD 2011