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IBGC is proud to offer support to our enterprising students conducting research around the globe. Funding is exclusively limited to Fletcher School degree candidates, and all decisions are made by committee review. Please read our the following documents for details:

The following publications are student-produced, and research was conducted with the assistance of funding from IBGC. Views contained in these publications are those of the authors.

For more information or questions, please email Katherine Round at katherine.round@tufts.edu

Check out the deliverables from past student research reports below. Many of our students also contributed blog posts about their research and experiences. View those at the IBGC blog.



Ali Edelstein (MIB 2016)
"IBGC Meets “BBGC”: Belgian Brewing in a Global Context"
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Justin Erickson (MALD 2017)
"Identifying Binding Constraints and Increasing Economic Complexity in Honduras"
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Nathan Holdstein (MIB 2016)
"Engaging the Market: Investor Relations in Mainland China"
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Stratos Kamenis (MALD 2017)
"'I Feel Forgotten': The Hidden Crisis of Greek Islanders"
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James Kochien (MIB 2017)
"Is It a Small World After All? Disney's China Gamble"
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Domoina Rambeloarison (MIB 2017)
"Madagascar: The Last Frontier for IT/BPO in the Francophone World?"
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Dan Robinson (MALD 2017)
"eKutir: Finding Value at the Base of the Pyramid"
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McKenzie Smith (MIB 2017)
"Behind the Numbers: Finding Success in Impact Investing"
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Lauren Bieniek (MALD 2016)
"Sowing Growth: Catalyzing Broad-Scale Development Through the Cultivation of Inclusive Agribusiness"
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Read Lauren's case studies from Tanzania:
Sasumua     EA Fruits Farm     Bagamoyo Fruits


Kai Moritz-Keller (MALD 2016)
"Pharma Industry Response to the Ebola Crisis"
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Aditi Patel (MALD 2016) and Gaspar Rodriguez (MA 2016)
"Tech for Social Change: How social impact organizations are pushing the boundaries of Salesforce.com"
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Fumi Tataki (MIB 2016)
"Human Capital Development for Small and Medium Enterprises: The Case of Rwanda's ICT Sector"
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Manisha Basnet (MALD 2015), Charlene Hasib (MIB 2015), and Yuan-Ting Meng (MALD 2015)
"Credit Risk Analysis for AgriFinance: A Consulting Report for TechnoServe-Uganda"
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Jeremy Blaney (MIB 2016)
"Grandeur & Marvels: Expositions as a Vehicle to Brand a Nation"
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Katie Hallaran (MALD 2015)
"The Future of the Innovation Lab Model in Cambodia and Beyond"
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Diwakar Jhurani (MALD 2017)
"Financial Inclusion & Entrepreneurial Development of Street Vendors in India"
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Terrell Levine, (MALD 2015)
"Philippine Department of Tourism: Destination Branding Through 'It's More Fun in the Philippines'"
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Owen Sanderson, (MALD 2015)
"On Hubs, BRCKSs, and Boxes: The Emergence of Kenya's Innovation and Technology Ecosystem"
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Dhriti Bhatta, MALD 2015
"Rise of Private Equity in Africa: Changing Landscape and Imminent Challenges with Cases from Kenya"
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Yuko Hirose, MALD 2014
"Enabling Access to Finance for Coffee Cooperatives in Ethiopia"
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Lisa Holub (MALD 2015) and Elizabeth Saunders (MALD 2015)
"Existing and Potential Markets for a Charcoal Briquette Company in Uganda"
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Varun Hallikeri, MALD 2012
"How Not to Bungle a Public-Private Partnership (PPP): Lessons from the London Underground PPPs"
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Estefania Marchán, MALD 2014
"Will India be the new China in Latin America?: Analyzing the Boom in Trade and Investment"
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Brian O'Donnell, MIB 2013
"Mond Vèt Resiklaj: Recycling Haiti's Plastic for a Better Tomorrow"
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Patrick Gilmartin, MALD 2013
"Pathways from Stagnation in the West African Electricity Sector"
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Jelmer David Ikin, MALD 2013
"Akhuwat: Microloans through Brotherhood"
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Shashank Pasrija, Ravi Kaneriya, Amogh Basavaraj, Laura Thompson and Dominick Tribone
"Ghazalah: Because every Tunisian deserves to travel in comfort"
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Sadruddin Salman (MALD 2014), Cindy Sobieski (MALD 2012), Anjali Sarker and Mahbubur Rahman Turza
"Toilet+ : A Sustainable Sanitation Model for Developing and Frontier Economies"
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Gaurav Tiwari (MALD 2012)
" Innovation & Competitiveness in Urban Slums: Case Study of Lima’s Successful Economic Transformation Through Property Rights Reforms"
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Jonathan Torn (MALD 2013) and Ahmed Malik (MIB 2013)
"Broad Peak Energy Solutions: A Social Business Plan"
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Yumiko Yamada, MIB 2013
"Potable Water Problems in West Bengal: Analysis towards the creation of a non-profit social enterprise"
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Kristy Bohling, MALD 2012
"My Money is Stuck in My Phone!: The Role of Airtel Niger’s Mobile Money Agents in the Airtel Money Value Chain"
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June Fonseca, Jose Jorge Sanz Gonzalez, Sadruddin Salman, and Beth Treseder
"Mining and Sustainability (Submitted to the Schulich International Case Competition, 2011)"
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Anusha Jayatilake, MALD 2012
"Banking Services for Internally Displaced Persons in Sri Lanka"
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Betsy Ness-Edelstein, MA 2012
"Effects of Index Insurance on Economic Decision Making and Credit Seeking in Tigray, Ethiopia"
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Eugen Taso, MA 2011
"The oikos Model WTO 2011: The Real Trade Simulation"
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Qiamuddin Amiry, MALD 2011
"Chai Wa Paisa: Savings Associations in Afghanistan"
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Suzanne Andrews, MALD 2011
"Two Years Later: ADOPEM Bank and its Strategy to Promote Savings"
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Conor Branch (MALD 2011), Daniel Resnick (MALD 2011), and Andreea Zugravu (MALD 2011)
"Tufts Consulting Group: Macedonian Energy Market"
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Kurt Eilhardt, MALD 2010
"Safaricom: Managing Risk in a Frontier Capital Market"
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Joshua Haynes (MIB 2010) and Julie Zollman (MALD 2010)
"Masawa: Kicking Poverty in the Apps"
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Hayden Kwast, MALD 2010
"The Coming Specialty Coffee Supply Crisis: How Re-Incentivizing the Value Chain Can Help Mitigate the Threat"
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Tara Leung, MALD 2010
"The Savings Gap: How Understanding the Financial Behaviors of Two Nicaraguan Villages Can Improve Microfinance"
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Yasuhiko Yuge, MALD 2010
"Microfinance in Bangladesh: A Growing Concern About Overlapping Loan Problems—From a Field Visit to Rajshahi and Comilla"
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Julie Zollman, MALD 2010
"Waiting for Rain, Reaching for Mangoes: The Origins, Evolution, and Roles of Savings Groups in Rural Swaziland"
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Andreea Zugravu, MALD 2011
"Banking Services for Internally Displaced Persons in Sri Lanka"
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