IBGC Experiential Learning Fund (ELF)

The IBGC Experiential Learning Fund (ELF) offers financial support for a wide range of student activities at Fletcher. Learn more about all the funding opportunities at for student research, conferences, and other academic and professional activities:

Student Research Funding

ELF offers Fletcher degree candidates the opportunity to apply for funding in support of original research objectives, including coursework, business plans, and thesis or dissertation projects. Funding is limited and competitive, and requires an application, committee review, detailed expense reporting, and a final product that can be published on the IBGC website.

Learn more about our research funding and see past examples of funded student work

Student Conferences

As part of ELF, IBGC offers funding for conferences run by Fletcher students during the academic year. To be approved for funding, organizers must submit an application (download via the link below) that includes a broad overall event agenda as well as an itemized, one-page budget. Please submit all completed applications to Agnes Hatley at agnes.hatley@tufts.edu.

Download an application for student conference funding

Student Club Support

IBGC also offers support to Fletcher student groups on campus with various costs such as dues, participation fees for competitions, and other practical learning opportunities.

Contact Agnes Hatley to learn more

Global Research Fellowships

IBGC also offers the opportunity for a select number of exceptional Fletcher students to conduct original research and analysis around the world as a part of the IBGC Global Research Fellowship. The program was created in 2013 and has sent student teams into the field for fully funded, summer-long, immersive study in Myanmar, Turkey, Kenya, and Indonesia during its first two years.

Learn more about the Fellowship and Read the Research Reports