Global Consulting Program Client Testimonials

“The quality of the team, and their ability to draw insights from limited knowledge of the subject matter, was highly impressive.” – Patrick Mullen, Executive Vice President, Corporate Development, CB&I

“Recommendations were not just based on gut "business" feeling, but on a thorough assessment of the political, economic, social and even cultural environment.” – Tatiana Popa, Business Strategy Consultant, Pfizer AfME

“The research will be very useful in future decision making…They [the student team] ended up exceeding my expectations with their insight and ideas.” – James Batt, Vice President, Operations and Marketing, Mayakoba™ Resort

“Compared to other consulting experiences, I think that the way the team interacted and leveraged the resources that Fletcher has access to significantly exceeded my expectations, and experience with other consultants.” – Eric Halvorson, Chief Researcher, Hitachi Research Institute

“The unique backgrounds of the team members, particularly their interest and experience in both government affairs and business, allowed them to bring a broad perspective and high quality thinking to our complex project.” – Evan Goldberg, Senior Director, Strategy and Business Development, Pfizer China

Project results from all the teams to date including this team’s work can be categorized as "exceeding expectations!" I will use the product as an example to show future CB&I project sponsors the value and level of professionalism that can be derived and expected working with the Fletcher School-Field Studies in Global Consulting program...” – Joseph Chopek, Vice President, Organizational Development and Training, CB&I

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