Featured Consulting Client: Teshkeel Media Group

IBGC Fletcher Institute Business Global Context Consulting Program Client Teshkeel Media Group The 99 Ninety-Nine Comic Books

In 2011, a Fletcher consulting team developed a distribution and sales strategy for the founder and CEO of Teshkeel Media Group, Dr. Naif Al-Mutawa, helping him expand the launch of 'THE 99' (Islamic-themed comic books and characters) and related products into the Islamic world. The comic books have since become a childrens' website, animated series, and there are even plans to build a theme park in Kuwait. 

CNN recently featured 'THE 99' and Dr. Al-Mutawa's work, which has won praise from U.S. President Barack Obama, in their article "The 99: Islamic Superheroes Going Global."  Obama has said of Dr. Al-Mutawa, "His comic books have captured the imagination of so many young people, with superheroes who embody the teachings and tolerance of Islam. In his comic books, Superman and Batman reached out to their Muslim counterparts. And I hear they are making progress, too." Worldwide coverage of 'The 99' can be found here.

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