Featured Consultant: Jane Phelan for Mayakoba

Mayakoba Resort Logo Client of Fletcher Consulting Program

Mayakoba Resort Photo Taken by Jane Phelan Student in Fletcher Consulting Program Spring 2012In the spring semester of 2012, a Fletcher consulting team advised OHL Desarollos, a leading Spanish sustainable development company, on how to position and market Mayakoba, its luxury resort development in the Yucatan, to the US travel trade. The project was so intriguing that one of the student consultants, Jane Phelan, delved even deeper into the Mayakoba story through her Fletcher capstone project.

Jane Phelan Fletcher School Consultant Mayakoba Consulting Project 2012

A Q&A with Fletcher consultant Jane Phelan

Jane Phelan (MALD 2013) was a student in Professor Rusty Tunnard's consulting course in 2012. Professor Tunnard also advised Jane on her capstone project, as he oversees all capstone projects related to the consulting course. 

What was it like to work for Mayakoba, your client?

Tell us about why you chose to further Mayakoba’s project on your own and make it your capstone project.

What did you gain from the consulting course?

How does this experience inform your career plans and ambitions post-Fletcher?