Rali Gueorguieva, F'05

Associate Portfolio Manager and Founding Community Partner

Powerhouse Assets Inc.

From Wall Street to Main Street:

The course taught me a lot of skills, the most important ones I have applied throughout my career on and off Wall Street. They include teamwork, leadership, taking initiative, listening, connecting with the audience, presenting effectively, managing my workload, staying on task, communicating clearly with my clients about what I am able to deliver. Research and analysis were also paramount but they were skills I honed in many other courses in graduate school.

In my current role to educate and empower women around their own long term investing, I draw upon the consulting course skills to deliver powerful and often times extremely complex content in an effective, meaningful, and tangible way that relates to women.


Emerging Market Sales Associate
Standard New York Securities, Inc.
Foreign Exchange Sales Desk & 
Options Desk Analyst


Country of Origin:

Bulgaria; USA




Education before Fletcher:

BS, International Relations and Communications
Drexel University

Consulting Project:

Serbian Government Investment and Export Promotion Agency

The Fletcher team identified foreign direct investment opportunities in the real estate market for the Serbian Investment and Export Promotion Agency, Government of Serbia, Belgrade.