Rabeh Ghadban, F'11

Long-Term Elections Observer, Georgia

The International Republican Institute 

Where Business Skills Transform NGOs: 

After graduating from Fletcher, I joined the International Republican Institute applying consulting business skills to do the vital work of advancing fledgling democracies of Egypt, Lebanon and Georgia.   The core business skills I learned have been pivotal to my return and success in the NGO world where mission is everything and implementation and follow through can be lacking.

I came to Fletcher from the non-profit world as a believer in the mission of the organization I worked for, but sorely in need of project management and implementation capabilities which allow NGOs and non-profits be accountable to donors and truly impact the communities served.   In order for me to contribute in a meaningful way to the causes I was passionate about, I knew these shortcomings needed to be corrected.

My experience in the Field Studies in Global Consulting course taught me the tools normally used in the private sector, but that are just as mission critical to the non-profit sector.   I learned to thoughtfully problem solve in order to focus project proposals, define an overall project goal and identify and deliver against results-oriented objectives. It has also helped me overcome the non-profit tendency to be disorganized and inefficient.  Specifically, I learned to create a detailed work plan, facilitate effective group meetings and maximize team performance by identifying clear individual roles. Finally, this course showed me how to arrive at practical solutions and present them in a convincing narrative with actionable value for donors and stakeholders alike.


Deputy Elections Coordinator, Egypt
The International Republican Institute
Consultant, Public Sector Reform
United Nations
Project Coordinator & Research Analyst
Transparency International, Beirut Office

Country of Origin:

Lebanon; USA



Education before Fletcher:

BA, International Studies-Political Science
University of California, San Diego

Consulting Project:

Naya Jeevan

The Fletcher team delivered a market segmentation & channel distribution strategy for catastrophic health insurance products sold to South Asian diaspora for Naya Jeevan, Pakistan/US.

Client: Founder & CEO