Katie Smith Milway

Katie Smith Milway is a partner at Bridgespan and head of the knowledge unit. She works with Bridgespan teams to capture learnings from case work, shape research projects, and distill and share content and tools via a variety of media. She brings to the job a background in journalism, nonprofit management, strategy consulting, and corporate publishing.

Prior to joining Bridgespan Katie was a senior director and founding publisher at Bain & Company. Katie has also worked as a business journalist with The Wall Street Journal/Europe, the Montreal Gazette, and as a stringer for TIME in Guatemala.

Katie recently co-authored “The Challenge of Organizational Learning,” (SSIR, Summer 2011), “Growing Global NGOs Effectively,” (Monday Developments, Winter 2010), and “Nonprofit Mergers & Acquisitions: More Than a Tool for Tough Times,” (Bridgespan.org, Winter 2009). Katie has also authored several books and articles on sustainable development. Her most recent children’s books include: “One Hen: How One Small Loan Made a Big Difference,” and “The Good Garden: How One Family Went from Hunger to Having Enough.”

Katie has a BA in English from Stanford University, her Masters in European Studies from the Free University of Brussels, and her MBA from the European Institute of Business Administration, INSEAD.

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