Brian Ganson

Brian GansonBrian Ganson is an expert on socio-­political risk management, conflict prevention and collaboration, and third party roles in post-­‐conflict and other complex environments. He consults to companies, local and foreign governments, international organizations, and civil society.

Mr. Ganson’s focus is on particularly challenging environments. He has advised an international gold mining company on conflict risk assessment and management in West Africa. He has assessed the interrelationships between corporate operations and social conflict at the local and national levels as an advisor to an energy consortium in Myanmar. He has conducted a 360° stakeholder survey to identify the barriers to development of a comprehensive extractive industries policy in a Latin American country. He has counseled UN agencies on their operations in Bosnia, Rwanda and Sudan in the context of violent socio-­‐political conflict, and has assisted an international development agency in Kosovo to ameliorate social conflict as it engaged in large-­‐scale agricultural development projects. His work helps multi-­‐ national corporations, development agencies, and inter-­‐governmental organizations meet their full range of goals – technical, financial, legal, reputation and social responsibility – in emerging economies and post-­‐conflict societies.

Mr. Ganson is Senior Researcher with the Africa Centre for Dispute Settlement, University of Stellenbosch Business School, where his focus is risk mitigation and conflict prevention in the context of business investment in complex environments. He lectures on negotiation and conflict management. He is also Senior Fellow with the Council on Emerging Market Enterprises of the Fletcher School, Tufts University. There he taught international negotiation and law & development as an Adjunct Assistant Professor. Mr. Ganson has trained diplomats, business executives, attorneys and civil society leaders at Harvard Law School with the Harvard Negotiation Project. He currently serves as Editor in Chief for ACCESS, a global platform for dialogue and learning on company -­‐ community conflict prevention and resolution, as well as on the global steering committee of its Senior Practitioners Forum. He is also a Member of the Global Agenda Council on Fragile States and Conflict Prevention of the World Economic Forum.

Mr. Ganson integrates academic and field perspectives to provide practice-­‐ and policy-­‐relevant insight. Most recently he is editor and lead author of the book, MANAGING IN COMPLEX ENVIRONMENTS: QUESTIONS FOR LEADERS, and co-­‐author of the forthcoming book CONFRONTING RISK, PREVENTING CONFLICT: RETHINKING THE NEXUS BETWEEN BUSINESS AND SECURITY IN FRAGILE STATES. He is author of Business in Fragile Environments: Capabilities for Conflict Prevention in the Negotiation & Conflict Management Research Journal 7(2) 2014, and co-­‐author with Achim Wennmann of Operationalising Conflict Prevention as Strong, Resilient Systems: Approaches, Evidence, Action Points (Geneva Peacebuilding Platform No. 3, 2012).

Mr. Ganson was previously a Senior Researcher with the Fletcher School Center for Human Rights and Conflict Resolution, and a Director of Conflict Management Group, a non-­‐profit consulting firm founded to apply the innovative approaches of the Harvard Negotiation Project to intense or protracted conflicts of public importance. He was a co-­‐founder of the Organization Practice of Mitchell Madison Group, where he consulted to Fortune 500 companies across a variety of industries. Earlier he served as Chief of Staff to the Assistant Secretary for Civil Rights in the U.S. Department of Education. He began his career as a civil rights attorney in Texas, expanding access to quality education for underserved populations.

Mr. Ganson received his Bachelor of Arts in history with high distinction from the University of Michigan, his Master of Arts in law and diplomacy from The Fletcher School, Tufts University, and his Doctor of Laws with honors from the Harvard Law School.