About the Workshop

How can a company leader best deliver against an MNC’s full range of goals—technical, financial, legal, reputation and social responsibility—in the EFE environment? A starting point is expanding horizons beyond functional perspectives or a company-centric view of the environment. The “Country Management: Strategy, Operations and Leadership in Emerging and Frontier Economies” workshop, to be hosted by the Center for Emerging Market Enterprises (CEME) at The Fletcher School, Tufts University on March 30, 2011, will draw on diverse academic, industry, governmental, civil society, geographic, and other perspectives to develop frameworks for understanding and frameworks for action that provide concrete advice for board members and executives. Governments, international advocates and others seeking to influence MNC behavior will conversely benefit from understanding the state-of-the art in strategy, operations and leadership from the company point of view. This is a limited-attendance seminar intended for high-level corporate officials and decision-makers dealing directly with country management issues or the oversight of a multi-country strategy, as well as scholars and students who are interested in addressing the key challenges involved in managing across borders and within different regional markets. Note: the original date of the conference, March 26, has been changed to the present date of March 30 to avoid conflict with Tufts University’s spring break week, which will allow greater participation by faculty and students.