Message from the IBGC Director

As the oldest exclusively graduate school for international affairs in the US, The Fletcher School is a pioneer once again by creating an Institute dedicated to an integrated approach to the issues of international business.  These are issues that stubbornly demand that the global leader be adept at crossing many borders of many kinds – not only those of countries but also of disciplines, such as international relations, law, political economy, humanitarian studies – and, critically, global business functions. We live in the proverbial small world.  But that very smallness also means that many issues have become compacted and layered on top of one another.  New actors, new economies, new technologies and new business models have emerged.  A smaller world has also become a more complex world.  We created our unique Institute in response to the urgent need to prepare leaders for this new complexity with worldly wisdom to shape a better future.

As I write this, cascading unrest in the Middle East and Northern Africa is transforming the region.  While such movements are inherently political, they were fueled by a string of business innovations -- Al Jazeera, cellphones, YouTube, Facebook – sourced internationally, from neighboring Doha, Qatar to distant Cambridge, Massachusetts.  Of course, the impact of these movements will not be limited either to politics or to the region; the potential effect on oil markets could slow the global economy’s capacity to rebound from a wrenching recession.  By the time you read this, the daily newspaper or your iPad will have brought you a fresh batch of headlines.  Like the events that are “bending the arc of history” in the Middle East, the most significant headlines you will see will straddle both the front page and the business page.  Indeed, it is a small world. 

Consider some of the most pressing questions that international leaders today have to grapple with:

The list of urgent and fascinating questions before tomorrow’s global leader is a long one. This is why we established our Institute, the only one of its kind.  The Institute comprises two parts, the Masters in International Business (MIB) program and a global hub for research, dialogue, education, and lab, and the Council on Emerging Market Enterprises (CEME).  The two feed off each other, together with the vibrant Fletcher community and its global network to create an experience like nowhere else in the world. In addition, we create meaningful dialogue with globally minded entities and businesses through our Speaker Series, Global Consulting and Executive Education programs.

Whether you are a future graduate student contemplating potential degree programs, or a decision-maker interested in insights from research, executive education or networking with peers and experts, we welcome you to learn more about what makes us unique.  You will not only be in a better position to interpret the headlines that straddle the front page and the business page, you may even end up making those headlines.

We look forward to hearing from you.

With warm regards,

Bhaskar Chakravorti
Senior Associate Dean of International Business & Finance
Executive Director, Institute for Business in the Global Context/Council on Emerging Market Enterprises
Professor of Practice in International Business