About Fletcher’s Anti-Corruption e-list

Fletcher’s anti-corruption e-list [anticorruption@elist.tufts.edu] is open to practitioners, scholars, students and professionals worldwide with an interest in anti-corruption and integrity work. The purpose of the list is to build an online learning community of professionals and scholars working on anti-corruption and integrity initiatives. The list should be used for the following types of exchange:

  • To highlight new publications and research
  • To share job announcements
  • To announce academic programs, colloquia, conferences, workshops, etc. relevant to anti-corruption
  • To support research endeavors into anti-corruption and integrity
  • To exchange ideas, advice and questions

The list is not moderated, so any subscriber may send a message to the group. Therefore, we ask all subscribers to observe certain ground rules. Users who abuse the list will be removed.

  1. Please keep all messages pertinent to anti-corruption and governance in the context of international development, security and peacebuilding.
  2. Please remain respectful of other users at all times. Remember the list is not confidential, and your messages may be forwarded.
  3. Please do not send “spam” to the list in the form of product marketing or irrelevant messages.

Joining the List

To join the list, go to https://elist.tufts.edu/wws/info/anticorruption. Click “Subscribe” on the left. Enter your email address. You will be taken to a confirmation page. At the same time, you will receive an automatically generated email with a password. Enter this password into the form on the confirmation page and click “Subscribe.” You will now be a member of the list.

If you have trouble subscribing automatically, click “Contact List Owners” on the left or send a message to anticorruption-request [at] elist.tufts.edu with the message “Subscribe anti-corruption” in the subject line. In the body of the email, please list the following information:

  • Name
  • Email
  • Professional Affiliation
  • Country
  • Subscription type preference (individual messages or daily digest).

Please note it may take a few days for your request to be processed.

Managing Your Subscription & Unsubscribing

Anyone can easily manage their subscription online at https://elist.tufts.edu/wws/info/anticorruption. To register & request a password, click on “First login?”( https://elist.tufts.edu/wws/sendpasswd/) in the top left. The system will send you a password. You may then use the email and password to adjust your preferences or unsubscribe.

To unsubscribe, use the link above and click “unsubscribe” at left. Or, you can write an email to anticorruption-request@elist.tufts.edu admin with the message “Unsubscribe anti-corruption” in the subject line. Please note if you unsubscribe by email it may take a few days for your request to be processed.