The Hitachi Center for Technology and International Affairs


HCTIA Funded

Instructor: Prof. Christiaan Hogendorn

Instructor: Prof. Christopher (Rusty) Tunnard

Instructors: Patrick Florance and Barbara Parmenter

Instructors: Jennifer Catalano and Roz Sewell

Related Courses

  • ILO L223: International Environmental Law
  • ILO L234: International Intellectual Property Law and Policy

  • DHP D215: Qualitative Research Methods
  • DHP P203: Analytic Frameworks for Public Policy Decisions
  • DHP P210: Research Design and Methodology
  • DHP P231: International Communication
  • DHP P232: Communications Policy Analysis and Modeling
  • DHP P237: Global Media and International Conflict
  • DHP P248: Technology and International Security
  • DHP P250: Elements of International Environmental Policy
  • DHP P251: International Environmental Negotiations
  • DHP P253: Sustainable Development Diplomacy
  • DHP P254: Climate Change Policy
  • DHP P255: International Energy Policy
  • DHP P256: Innovation for Sustainable Prosperity
  • DHP P258: Clean Energy Technologies and Policy

  • EIB E241: Development Economics:  Policy Analysis
  • EIB E246: Environmental Economics
  • EIB E247: Economic Development and Impact Evaluation
  • EIB B232m: Technology Strategy and Innovation in Global Markets: Managing Innovation for Securing Global Competitive Advantage