Our Process

Give your organization every advantage.

Create a program for informed decisions.


Working in close consultation with your organization, we identify and assess strategic training and educational needs. A Fletcher strategic design team, composed of both faculty and Executive & Diplomatic Education staff, provides a comprehensive assessment of stakeholder objectives and oversees the consultative process. Our technological capabilities allow us to combine residential, face-to-face learning with distance learning via social media and online methods.

Our programs offer a full discussion of the material presented, along with the opportunity for participants to identify personal applications and “takeaways” that cannot be generated in a manual. Through coursework and dialogue between peers and presenters, participants come away with well-rounded judgment for decision making in complex global environments.


Once objectives are identified, our design team drafts a program outline, tailoring academic content to pragmatic business applications for maximum impact. You then review and evaluate the design prior to initial program delivery, and any necessary revisions are made.


Fletcher conducts each program according to the needs of the client. Possibilities include an interactive seminar style and/or the use of a technology platform that enables and encourages interactive learning and collaboration. In addition, online lectures and discussion boards foster a sense of community amongst the students.

The technology is then carried forward at the conclusion of the program in the form of alumni groups. To address the broad range of Internet connections worldwide, the technology platform is able to operate in nearly any technological environment.

Delivery of the program is thoroughly evaluated on the basis of both client and participant feedback. Repeat sessions are refined, and the program evolves as necessary to ensure market and corporate relevance.