The world is a dynamic, complicated place.

To understand it requires a dynamic, comprehensive approach.

Choose your level of immersion.

The Fletcher School’s proven Executive & Diplomatic Education offerings are provided in formats ranging from accelerated modules to lengthier, more comprehensive certificate programs. Fletcher offers traditional residencies as well as hybrid programs that utilize the school’s technology platform by supplementing classroom sessions with online collaboration. Every program connects participants to Fletcher’s faculty of leading scholars and delivers an experience tailored to meet client needs. Fletcher’s residency programs are held near the school’s Boston-area campus.

3–5 days

Intensive, specialized learning and collaboration modules provide a unique opportunity for acute instruction and engaging dialogue on customized issues such as regional management, political risk management, the concept of cultural change, international security, and law and regulation, among others.

2 weeks

Building on the framework established in its shorter modules, Fletcher’s longer two-week sessions allow participants to gain a broader understanding of the issues most important to their organizations. Key components of a customized program could include leadership development, long-term organizational change or teamwork—all in relation to crafting a more successful global strategy.

3–6 months

Fletcher’s three-to-six-month programs customize the school’s interdisciplinary curriculum around the specific technical skills that clients require. In addition to curricular design and consultation, faculty, and materials, the comprehensive program package also includes food, facilities and accommodations options. The structure of the program usually follows two terms, each ten weeks in duration with a one-week break at the midpoint. The programs also offer ample opportunities for daily interaction with the vibrant Fletcher community as well as receptions at which participants are able to interact with its vast, connected alumni network.