Fletcher LEADS: Leadership, Equality, and Diversity

We are proud to launch Fletcher LEADS: Leadership, Equality, and Diversity. The goal of this program is to enhance and refine Fletcher women’s competence, confidence and leadership to fulfill their potential in the world, make a positive impact, build careers of significance, feel empowered as individuals, and balance their work endeavors and passions with their families and other responsibilities.  Fletcher LEADS seek to contribute to gender equality.


  • Students connect with and learn from Fletcher alumnae, Tufts staff and faculty, and other experts, about key challenges and ways to overcome them in professional and personal life. 
  • Students learn from an experiential approach that fosters their own active application of recent knowledge and skills along with their life experience prior to Fletcher.
  • Through their participation in the program men become more aware of these issues and serve as informed allies for women now and in their future careers and personal lives.
  • In delivering the program prioritize, as possible, drawing from the Fletcher family, the Fletcher Women’s Network and other Tufts’ resources.
  • Over 80% of attendees at each event rate the event highly in assessments.

This pilot program is envisioned to run for four years.  The first two years will include 3 workshops in the first academic year, and 4 workshops in the second academic year, with two additional optional workshops.  The program would then repeat for another two-year period. Students who attend 7 workshops will receive a certificate from Fletcher.

Please consult the tabs on the left for our first two workshops, which will take place in the fall of 2016.