The Fletcher School is proud to feature a Gender Analysis in International Studies field of study. The Field uses micro, meso and macro-level gendered theory and analyses to illuminate and engage directly with systems and institutions of political, military, social, economic, legal and cultural power. The Field examines gender roles and relations as a form of power to organize authority, institutions, rights, responsibilities, access to resources and life options. While theories and analysis of the politics of femininity and masculinity are privileged, other key factors that influence and intersect with gender are also examined, including ethnicity, race, religion, class or caste, religion, sexual orientation and disability. The Field is interdisciplinary in its formation, scholarly focus and practice. Completion of the Field will enable students to carry out theoretically grounded, gender-informed research, analysis and design within their professional careers. To complete the Field, a student may select from a variety of courses offerings. For more information, please visit the official Gender Analysis in International Studies page. 

Because of existing cross-registration agreements between The Fletcher School and Harvard University, students are also able to enroll in gender courses at Harvard. The student-run Gender Initiative compiles a list of gender courses to which Fletcher students can cross-register every semester. The Spring 2016 list is available here.

On the Gender Analysis in International Studies field of study page, you can also browse the capstone projects of current students and alumni, as well as profiles of the faculty teaching in this field. Prior to 2015, when the field was officially recognized among the Fletcher offerings, students pursued gender analytical studies either within a different field of study, into which they incorporated a gender perspective, or by self-designing their own field of study. You can browse some of their paths on the student profiles page