George Talbot, 2008, Guyana

 "The Fletcher School GMAP programme was an enriching experience for me as a professional and practitioner in the field of international relations. First, it is an uncommonly supportive environment. Faculty, staff and students share an appreciation of the demands facing the mid-career professional. The programme while tailored to these realities was nonetheless challenging in its own right, both intellectually and organisationally. The learning ambience was stimulating, in the classroom and online. It was an opportunity to balance intuition with rigorous analysis, to participate in thinking through complex international issues with the benefit of insights and perspectives from professionals engaged in different fields but with a common concern for global issues. Teamwork was an important element of learning to reconcile different viewpoints and helping to manage the workload. The various events surrounding the classroom experience added rich diversity and exposed one to the underlying human factor that is our common currency irrespective of our varied backgrounds, professional, national, cultural, or otherwise. Overall, it is an experience I am happy to recommend to anyone interested in the gainful study of international issues."

Education before Fletcher

  • BA, Spanish and French, University of Guyana (1991)

Current Position

  • Permanent Representative of Guyana to the United Nations


  • English (Mother tongue), Spanish, French, Portuguese