Njanja Fassu, 2006, Cameroon

"When I first joined GMAP combining my personal, professional, and student lives proved a significant challenge. However, with the support of the faculty, staff and classmates, I quickly adjusted and started to enjoy and mine the diverse and rich background of fellow students while at the same time sharing my experience in conflict and transitional countries. This exchange was made all the more rewarding by the engaging and inspiring contributions of the professors.

I have been particularly impressed by the global scope of the program and the focus that is placed on the way the international community is addressing the human rights, humanitarian, development, peace and security challenges faced by Africa today.

GMAP has ultimately allowed me to further strengthen my perception of the international system and broaden my understanding of major global issues, which I am currently reinvesting in my work at the United Nations."

Education before Fletcher

  • BA, Law, University of Yaounde' (1993)

Current Position

  • Child Protection Officer, UNICEF, Haiti


  • Medumba,
GMAP, a combined residency and Internet-mediated international affairs degree program for mid-to-senior level professionals

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