Michael Cassidy, 2008, United States

US Department of Defense
Arlington, United States

"I chose to pursue an advanced degree not because I felt I needed it to be competitive for a promotion, but because I felt intellectually ripe to return to the classroom. After serving in the international security realm for close to a decade, I suspected that my approach to these issues was becoming routine and stale. I had an itch to explore other subject areas that would not only provide me new tools and insights related to international affairs, but also broaden my intellectual curiosity beyond my narrow expertise.

At its core, GMAP is concise, relevant and powerful.

Concise: I liked that the one-year program is designed carefully to teach students what they need to know about
today’s international environment without the excessive
requirements found at other residential programs.

Relevant: GMAP’s curriculum may be taught in an academic forum, however the course material was immediately applicable to issues I confront everyday working as a foreign policy and security analyst.

Powerful: Both the people I have met in, and the lessons I have learned from GMAP have deeply affected both my personal and professional outlook on today’s world - something beyond what a diploma or a line on a resume can convey accurately.

Taken as a whole, however, I routinely tell people that GMAP is designed for you to succeed - not just in terms of helping the student satisfy the degree requirements while maintaining their busy lives. Moreover, GMAP arms its graduates with the skills, knowledge and experience for them to succeed as 21st century international professionals and global citizens."

Education before Fletcher

  • BS in Foreign Service, Georgetown University


  • Chinese