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Energy Efficiency Leader Scott DePasquale (GMAP Cand.) to Join Sen. Whitehouse for State of the Union Address

The Big SOTU Questions – A Place for Clean Energy Financing? – Why You Won’t Hear About Keystone XL

THE BIG SOTU QUESTIONS: Tonight is the State of the Union, and the buzz in the energy world is whether President Barack Obama will double down on his climate agenda, whether he’ll tout increased domestic oil and gas production, and whether his suite of executive actions on climate last year will provide a roadmap for the administration on other issues as Congress remains gridlocked. Remember — last year’s address was when the president vowed to take action on climate without Congress, which he did in June. The problem is, some of his biggest climate items — including new EPA greenhouse gas regulations — will likely take the rest of his time in office to complete. Will he add anything new to his to-do list?...

...Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse will bring Scott DePasquale, the CEO of Utilidata, a Providence-based firm that “produces technology to help reduce energy waste from power lines between utilities’ substations and their customers,” according to Whitehouse’s office.

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