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Fletcher School Featured: Int'l Relations Curriculum Not 'Chalk and Blackboard' Anymore

International Relations Curriculum is not 'Chalk and Blackboard' Anymore

"Every couple of years, The ColĀ­lege of William & Mary does an exhaustive survey of the field of international relations, polling on current events, teaching, and research.

But this year, the people behind the survey, the Institute for the Theory and Practice of International Relations, set out for the first time to assess a key change in the teaching of international relations: the growing presence of social media, Wikipedia, YouTube, and videoconferencing." 

Prof. Dan Drezner speaks with The Christian Science Monitor about the benefits of being able to integrate technology and social media in the classroom as well as some of the challenges. Genevieve Abraham, the assistant director of admissions and marketing for Fletcher's Global Master of Arts Program, discusses the use of streaming video and online discussion in the school's hybrid internet-mediated degree program.