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World Bank Climate Change Envoy Rachel Kyte (F02) on Her New Mission

On a wintry morning in Washington DC (the area is awaiting a fresh blast of Arctic air and a 40F plunge in temperatures) Rachel Kyte, World Bank Group vice-president and special envoy for climate change, answers the door to her clapboard house located just outside the city limits.

Kyte is enjoying some time at home but is preparing for another gruelling trip across the globe, culminating in back-to-back meetings in Davos. This month she took up her new vice-president post after World Bank president Jim Yong Kim made her his first big pick as part of a major shake-up at the bank.

“Jim has asked me to take on climate change,” says Kyte, leading the way through to her sitting room. “Jim is saying that we’re an institution committed to eradicating poverty – and climate change is the ultimate curve ball.”

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