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Dean Nutter Receives Award from The Mexican Foreign Service Association (ASEM)


On Thursday, August 4, Dean Deborah Nutter was recognized with an award from the Mexican Foreign Service Association as a token of their gratitude for the educational opportunities ASEM personnel have enjoyed over the years at Fletcher.

The Fletcher School has been a proud partner of the Mexican Foreign Service for many years now as the Global Master of Arts (GMAP) program provides half-scholarships to active Mexican Foreign Service personnel through GMAP’s unsubsidized financial aid pool. Since its initiation, the program has graduated 13 Mexican Foreign Service officers, all of whom would not have been able to attend without this scholarship. At present, there are two service officers enrolled in the program.

The event took place at a GMAP dinner in The Hall of Flags, which was attended by 50 current students as well as Graciela Gomez Garcia (FG09) and Camila Aviña, who are both with the office of the Consul General of Mexico in Boston. 

Before presenting the award to Dean Nutter, Gomez Garcia spoke to the students about her experiences in the GMAP program and how it has impacted her career in the Mexican Foreign Service.  

Congratulations to Dean Deborah Nutter and the GMAP team on this honor! 

ASEM Scholarship Recipients:

Aldo Aldama-Breton (FG02)
Miguel Monterrubio Cubas (FG04)
Vanessa Zarate Castillo (FG06)
Rodrigo Marquez (FG08)
Graciela Gomez Garcia (FG09)
Raul Saavedra-Cinta (FG11)
Alberto Aura (FG11)
Cynthia Martinez-Cortés (FG11)
Ursula Rojas Weiser (FG12)
Ernesto Malda (FG13)
Vanessa Calva (FG14)
Adriana Ramirez-Aguilar (FG14)
Jorge Gonzalez-Mayagoitia (FG15)
Cynthia Moreno Mendez (FG16)
Ana Paula Martinez Garrigos (FG17)

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