Egypt's Army Finds New Support Amid Turmoil: Op-ed by Dalia Ziada (GMAP11)

The National

From the window of my office in the Moqattam district of Cairo, I followed with much curiosity Friday's violent clashes between protesters and Muslim Brotherhood members, outside the group's headquarters.

This huge protest and the clash came after a week of smaller rallies, at that spot and elsewhere. The anger of the Egyptian people is now turning towards the Brotherhood (MB) to which President Mohammed Morsi belongs.

People understand that it is not the president who is making the moves that are hurting the nation's economy and threatening its stability, but the Brotherhood.

On March 11, ordinary people verbally attacked Mohammed Badie, the "General Guide" of the MB, while he was having dinner with family at City Stars mall in Nasr City. They warned him that the people would no longer tolerate the MB's failures in running state affairs, and would thus bring them down.

It is significant that this kind of anger towards Mr Morsi and the MB has a parallel trend: increased support for the military leadership.

Since the beginning of March, Egyptians from various backgrounds have joined demonstrations in different cities, calling for the military's return to political leadership.

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