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An Ideal Destination for High-Level Learning: Annual GMAP Residency Highlighted in The Times of Malta

Malta has long been a destination asso­ciated with learning. From the hundreds of international students who attend the University of Malta to the thousands who travel here to learn English as a foreign language, the country is proud of its long-standing reputation as a centre for education.

That being said, it isn’t often that the island welcomes a programme that has taught some of the world’s top international minds and which is renowned for attracting global leaders in politics, business and the media.

That is exactly what happened when Deborah Nutter, who founded and runs the Global Master of Arts at the Fletcher School at Tufts University in Boston, fell in love with Malta and decided to make it the destination for her programme’s annual two-week international residency.

“I arrived in Malta and instantly knew it would be the perfect place for us,” says Prof. Nutter, whose programme has taken her and her students all over the world.

“It’s very special – from the landscape to the history, we were able to find all sorts of practical parallels within the course content.”

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