GMAP Faculty Directory

  Eileen Babbitt
Professor of International Conflict Management Practice
Richard Blackhurst
Associate Professor of International Economics
  Charles Chester
Adjunct Assistant Professor
Diana Chigas
Professor of Practice
“GMAP students are a very diverse and experienced group. Class discussions are interesting and rich, as there is always at least one student who has real experience on the topic we are covering.”
Laurent Jacque
Walter B. Wriston Chair of International Business Relations
Ian Johnstone
Academic Dean and Professor of International Law
"The internet-mediated discussions provide an opportunity for some extraordinarily thoughtful exchanges. Students and faculty have time to reflect on and address the central issues raised in the course in a comprehensive manner that, frankly, would not be possible in any other setting.”
Carsten Kowalczyk
Associate Professor of International Economics

Lawrence Krohn
Professor of Practice of International Economics

William Moomaw
Professor of International Environmental Policy
"I find that interacting with GMAP students is a great mutual learning experience. Their range of expertise and experience enhances the teaching of the ideas and concepts by bringing pragmatic insights to the issues of environment and sustainable economic development. The interaction among the students is really a delight to watch as they grapple with the interaction of science and social issues that are new to many of them. Teaching in GMAP is a really satisfying experience for this long time faculty member.”
Deborah Winslow Nutter
Senior Associate Dean and Director of GMAP
Robert Pfaltzgraff
Shelby Cullom Davis Professor of International Security Studies
"What I like best about GMAP is working with mid-career professionals. The depth and range of experience they bring to the classroom — virtual or actual — creates a truly interactive learning dynamic. Not only do they learn from me, but I learn from them, and they learn from each other.”
Annamaria Seleny
Professor of the Practice of International Politics
Richard Shultz
Professor of International Politics and Director of the International Security Studies Program
Bernard Simonin
Professor of Marketing and International Business
Jeffrey Taliaferro
Associate Professor of Political Science, The School of Arts, Sciences and Engineering
Joel P. Trachtman
Professor of International Law
“For instructors, and especially for law instructors, GMAP is a great program. First, we enjoy working with students who have great real-world experience and great desire to acquire analytical tools that will allow them to do their jobs better. Second, it turns out that law was made to be taught asynchronously. Students can pause the lectures and check what it says in the relevant treaties, statutes and cases, and they can check the documents again as they prepare their comments on the boards.”

Peter Walker
Irwin H. Rosenberg Professor of Nutrition and Human Security; and Director of Feinstein International Center, The Friedman School of Nutrition Science and Technology
Kim Wilson
Lecturer and Fellow at the Center for Emerging Market Enterprises and the Feinstein International Center
GMAP, a combined residency and Internet-mediated international affairs degree program for mid-to-senior level professionals

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