GMAP Tuition and Financial Aid

GMAP's current tuition is $70,800. This amount includes all educational expenses, laptop and software, room and board for the three residency sessions, and all books and course materials. It does not include travel to and from the residency sites, or Internet service provider costs during non-residential portions of the program.

The Tufts University refund policy is available here.

Financial Assistance

The Global Master of Arts Program has limited financial aid available based on applicants’ need and merit. Priority is given to applicants coming from developing parts of the world. We encourage all who think they might qualify for these competitive scholarships to fill out the application for financial aid at the time of applying for admission.

The Frederick Pakis Global Master of Arts Fund

The Frederick Pakis Global Master of Arts Fund was made possible through the generosity of Frederick Pakis, GMAP04 and a member of the Fletcher Board of Overseers. It provides scholarship support to worthy GMAP students of exceptional merit and financial need each year. Mr. Pakis believes in allowing successful international professionals from around the world access to 360-degree perspective of international affairs that GMAP provides.

Information about federal student loans is available at the Tufts University Student Services website.

The Fletcher School also maintains a list of additional resources on its Admissions website.