GMAP Tuition, Scholarships, and Financial Aid

The Global Master of Arts Program (GMAP) program cost for the 2017-2018 academic year is $75,844.00 U.S. dollars. This fee includes full tuition, full room and board for the three residency sessions, a MacBook Air laptop and software, and all course books and educational materials. It does not include travel to and from the residency sites, visa fees, or Internet service provider costs during non-residential portions of the program. 

Tuition and fees normally increase by 3 to 5 percent each academic year. Therefore, applicants to the Class of 2018-2019 should expect a similar increase to the program cost.

The Tufts University refund policy is available here.

Financial Planning

Graduate school is a significant investment, and it is essential that you formulate a plan to finance your education.  GMAP students typically finance the program through various means, including employer sponsorships, personal funds, scholarship and grant awards, and loans guaranteed by the U.S. federal government or other lenders. 

GMAP Scholarships

The GMAP Committee on Admissions and Scholarships awards GMAP scholarships to qualified candidates based on a combination of merit and financial need to both U.S. citizens/permanent residents and non-U.S. citizens.  Scholarship recipients are notified either at the time of admission or after the priority deadline for scholarship application consideration.  We encourage all who think they might qualify for these competitive scholarships to fill out the application for scholarship aid at the time of applying for admission. 

Priority Deadlines for GMAP scholarship consideration*:

  • April 1, 2017 for the Class of 2017-2018
  • October 1, 2017 for the Midyear Class of 2017-2018

    *After the priority deadline for scholarship consideration passes, the Committee will continue to review scholarship applications pending funding availability, and will offer aid awards to candidates on a rolling basis until scholarship funding is depleted. 

    The Frederick Pakis Global Master of Arts Fund

    The Frederick Pakis Global Master of Arts Fund was made possible through the generosity of Frederick Pakis, GMAP '04 and a member of the Fletcher Board of Overseers. It provides scholarship support each year to worthy GMAP students of exceptional merit and financial need. Mr. Pakis believes in allowing successful international professionals from around the world access to the 360-degree perspective of international affairs that GMAP provides.  Applicants that submit a GMAP scholarship application by the priority deadline are considered for the Pakis scholarship fund.

    ASEM/GMAP Collaboration

    GMAP has a special partnership and scholarship award with the Mexican Foreign Service Association that was started by a GMAP alumnus.  GMAP awards a half scholarship (50% scholarship award) to one to two ASEM candidates each year.  In order to be considered for the scholarship, the candidate would submit a letter from ASEM stating membership as well as a completed GMAP scholarship application with their application for admission.  Further information on the partnership:

    United States Federal Loan Programs (FAFSA)

    Eligible U.S. citizens/permanent residents can borrow through a variety of federal loan programs.  Eligibility for all federal loan programs is determined by Tufts University Student Financial Services.  In general, a GMAP student is eligible to borrow federal aid up to the cost of the program plus a travel allowance (through the Federal Direct Loans and GradPlus Loans).  Please review the following links for further information on federal loan options:

    Veterans Affairs (VA) Educational Benefits

    GMAP candidates that are eligible for Veterans Affairs (VA) benefits most commonly utilize the Chapter 33: Post-9/11 GI Bill program.  In short, GMAP veterans have been able to access the Post-9/11 GI Bill tuition and fees benefit twice during their GMAP year since the GMAP academic year cuts across two fiscal years for the VA.  Furthermore, veterans who qualify for 100% of the Chapter 33: Post-9/11 GI Bill benefit and who are no longer in Active Duty are eligible to participate in the Yellow Ribbon program.  General information on using these benefits here.    

    We encourage our military candidates to be in contact with their VA Office and Military Branch Education Office for further information on their benefit eligibility.  

    For further information:

    Other Financial Assistance

    GMAP applicants have also received financial assistance from employers, government agencies, and other organizations.  The Fletcher School also maintains a list of additional financing resources on its Admissions website.

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