The Fletcher School's Global Issues Seminar Series

2003-2004: Cold War Personalities and their policies

November 1, 2003 - Part I: Kennedy and Khrushchev

Featured Speakers:

  • Sergei Khrushchev, Brown University: "The Cuban Missile Crisis"
  • Richard Shultz, The Fletcher School: "Kennedy and Covert Action"
  • Brother Tim Hoey, Malden Catholic HS: "Teaching About Cold War Personalities: Mao Tse Tung as a Case Study"
  • Paula A. Jones, Miles River MS: "The Geo-Political Journeys of John F. Kennedy: Teaching Ideas and Lesson Plans"

February 7, 2004 - Part II: Non-Aligned Nations

Featured Speakers:

  • Adil Najam: "The Non-Aligned Movement and the Cold War"
  • Juan Federico Velez: "Nasser and the Cold War"
  • Vernon Domingo: "Teaching About Cold War Personalities: Nelson Mandela as a Case Study"
  • Kevin O'Reilly: "Using a Computer Simulation to Teach about LBJ and his Policies"

April 3, 2004 - Part III: The Final Years

Featured Speakers:

  • Andrew Hess: "The Collapse of the Soviet Union and the New Order in the Former Soviet Republics"
  • Deborah Nutter: "Gorbachev"
  • William Britton: "Richard Nixon and the Politics of Normalization with Mainland China"
  • James Kirkcaldy: "The Fall of the Soviet Union: Reagan's Finest Hour?"