The Fletcher School's Global Issues Seminar Series

2002-2003: World war II and it's Aftermath

November 2, 2002: Origins and Early Years of the Cold War

World War II and the beginnings of the Cold War from a variety of angles.

Featured Speakers:

February 8, 2003: Cold War: The Middle Years

Featured Speakers:

April 5, 2003: Cold War: The Final Years

Featured Speakers:

  • Peter Uvin, The Fletcher School: "Africa and the End of the Cold War"
  • Eileen Babbitt, The Fletcher School: "The Evolution of Negotiation as a Tool in Conflict Resolution in the 1980s and 90s"
  • James Kirkcaldy, Hingham HS: "The Cold War: At What Price?"
  • Thomas MacDonough, Norwood HS: "The Breakup of the Soviet Union: A Classroom Approach"