The Fletcher School's Global Issues Seminar Series

2000-2001: World War I and it's Aftermath

Fall 2000: Guns of August: World War I and Central and Eastern Europe

  • The collapse of the old Russian and German empires, and the rise of small central and eastern European states
  • The Paris Conference and the Versailles Treaty: the origins of World War II

Featured Speakers:

Winter 2001: Old Conflicts with Current Echoes

  • The breakup of the Ottoman Empire; the Armenian genocide; the young Turks
  • The Balkans: Collapse of Yugoslavia; nationalism, rivalries, religion and geography, ethnic cleansing

Featured Speakers:

Spring 2001: The Breakup of Empires

  • India; Gandhi and the struggles for independence and democracy; partition and Muslim Pakistan
  • South Africa and Nelson Mandela
  • Sub-Sahara Africa: the end of colonialism; civil wars and genocide

Featured Speakers:

  • Sugata Bose, The Fletcher School: "India's Independence and Partition"
  • Peter Uvin, The Fletcher School: "Identity and Politics In Post-Colonial Africa: The (Extreme) Case of Rwanda"
  • Vernon Domingo, Co-Coordinator, Massachusetts Geographic Alliance: "The Impact of World War I on the Geography of South Africa"
  • Carol Morse, World History Teacher, Westford Academy: "Gandhi and the Legacy of Human Rights"