The Fletcher School's Global Issues Seminar Series

The Fletcher School's Global Issues Seminar Series

Registration for "The Changing Arctic: Challenges and Opportunities"

This series provides a stimulating environment for local high school history teachers to listen to lectures on and participate in discussions of contemporary world issues as well as historical ones.

2015-16 Seminar Series: "Changes in the New World Order"

Saturday, October 17, 2015: "Cuba in the News"
  • Assistant Secretary of State for Western Hemisphere Affairs (and current nominee as U.S. Ambassador to Mexico), Roberta Jacobson, "U.S. - Cuba Relations: A New Era of Engagement"
  • Professor Katrina Burgess, The Fletcher School, "Cuba libre or Cuba rebelde? Revolution and Reform in Cuba"
  • Elliott Rebhun and Ian Zack, Editors of The New York Times Upfront, Scholastic, Inc., "Using The New York Times Upfront in Class to Discuss Changes in the Cuba - U.S. Relationship"
  • David Grace, Lincoln-Sudbury Regional HS, "New Directions for Cuba"

Saturday, April 2, 2016: The Changing Arctic: Challenges and Opportunities

  • Captain James Raimondo, Security Studies Fellow, The Fletcher School, "Arctic Security: Defense Concerns and Military Presence"
  • Professor Paul Berkman, The Fletcher School, "Environmental Security in the Arctic Ocean"
  • Patricia Smith, Senior Editor, Scholastic, Inc., "The New York Times Upfront on Climate Change" and "How to Navigate the New NYTU Website"
  • Caroline Singler, Lincoln-Sudbury Regional HS

There is no charge for this conference which includes a complimentary lunch and certificate of attendance for five hours of PDPs. Note: Multiple seminars or conferences on similar topics may be combined to meet the new PDP requirements from the Massachusetts Department of Education.

Seminar is limited to 60 participants. Applications will be reviewed in the order of receipt, and some consideration will be given to first-time applicants. You will receive confirmation of acceptance and a schedule about two weeks before the conference.

Please remember that we often have a waiting list for these seminars. Hence, if you have been accepted, but find you are unable to come, PLEASE LET US KNOW a week in advance (or ASAP) so that we can invite someone off the waiting list. “No shows,” without previous notification, will be given a lower priority for future seminars.