Polina Beliakova

  • MA, Israel, IDC Herzliya
  • BA, Ukraine, ISU, Kiev


Polina's Ph.D. research is focused on the civil-military relations in states experiencing internal armed conflict. Before coming to Fletcher, she spent four years in Israel, studying an Israeli approach to counterterrorism. Her previous research examined the effectiveness of governmental deterrence and reassurance strategies in counterterrorism and counterinsurgency. Polina's broader field of interest includes the former Soviet Union and the Middle East. Before finding her interest in conflict and security studies, Polina served as a head the Department of Non-Formal Education at the Jewish Agency in Kiev, Ukraine.

• Moghadam, Assaf, Ronit Berger, and Polina Beliakova. "Say Terrorist, Think Insurgent: Labeling and Analyzing Contemporary Terrorist Actors." Perspectives on Terrorism 8, no. 5 (2014).

PhD Dissertation
  • Civil-military relations in intrastate conflict

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