Ian Johnstone

Academic Dean and Professor of International Law

  • LLM, Columbia University
  • JD, Honours, University of Toronto
  • BA, Honours, University of Toronto

Professional Activities
  • Legal and Political Officer, United Nations Secretariat: Executive Office of the Secretary-General, Department of Peace-keeping Operations, and Office of Legal Affairs
  • Consultant, United Nations Secretariat: Department of Peacekeeping Operations, Department of Political Affairs, and United Nations Development Programme
  • Senior Fellow in International Law, New York University’s Center on International Cooperation
  • Program Committee, American Society of International Law Annual Meeting
  • Chair, International Organizations Interest Group, American Society of International Law
  • Board of Editors, "Global Governance" journal
  • Board of Editors, “International Organizations Law Review”
  • Board of Directors, World Peace Foundation
  • Board of Directors, Academic Council of the United Nations System
  • Advisory Council, United Nations Association of Greater Boston
  • Senior Research Associate, International Peace Academy
  • Warren Weaver Fellow in International Security, Rockefeller Foundation
  • Associate in Law, Columbia University
  • Judicial Clerk, Ontario Court of Appeal

  • Institute for Human Security
  • Fares Center for Eastern Mediterranean Studies

Research Interests
  • International Organizations
  • United Nations
  • Peace Operations
  • Proliferation of Weapons of Mass Destruction
  • International Law and International Relations Theory

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