Bridget K. Conley-Zilkic

Assistant Research Professor, Research Director at the World Peace Foundation


Bridget Conley-Zilkic is Assistant Professor of Research and Research Director at the World Peace Foundation. Her specializations include mass atrocities, genocide, museums, and memorialization. Before joining the WPF, she served as research director for the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum’s Committee on Conscience, where she helped establish the Museum’s program on contemporary genocide. Over her ten years at the Museum, she led many of the Museum’s signature projects on genocide, including case study and issue analysis, educational programs, exhibitions, and its podcast series, Voices on Genocide Prevention, which she hosted from 2008-2011. She received a PhD in Comparative Literature from Binghamton University in 2001.

Conley- Zilkic, B. (Ed.). (2016). How Mass Atrocities End: Studies from Guatemala, Burundi, Indonesia, the Sudans, Bosnia-Herzegovina, and Iraq. New York: Cambridge University Press. (Introduction and Bosnia-Herzegovina: Endings Real and Imagined)

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